Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Putaran Duniaku

"Love is one of the most ridicule topics to be discussed, yet so refreshing and marvelous. Talking about it seems like dreaming, and none of them are not a fairy tale, for each."

After these super devastating weeks, I actually have the chance to renew my blog and write something on it again. And as we see, here, I shared my newest file to be read by you guys.

It started as my task from my Bahasa Teacher. She asked us to make a short-story, which is one of my weaknesses on writing. I repeat, writing short-story is my weakness. I never know how to write such a great story in such a little space, yet I always try to explain every moment in detail.

That is why, my short-story, titled as "Putaran Duniaku" is 15 pages length. Such a long story for a short-story. Some of my friends need time to read it, but overall, they said, it was nice. I don't know if they do like described-kind of short-story, but some of them do.

So, here, I'll let you guys check on it too :)


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