Saturday, November 24, 2012


I know,
It started to get pretty annoying.

Here's the thing, my host family is into watching good movies, and it seems that every time there's good movie, we got a chance to watch it.

So here again, I have watched the documentary movie titled Lincoln, about the life of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States of America, that plays a huge role on the Civil War.

For those who doesn't know what Civil War is, it's when the USA was divided into two parts upon the issue of slavery, where there's the Union and the Confederates of America. Basically, it was about equality, rights in front of God, so on and so forth.

Daniel Day--as Lincoln--totally captured my depiction upon Loncoln as a gentle, small voiced man who looks so gloomy, quirky, tall, and complicated. A little bit humorist, though. You can even feel those pressure upon him about the war... Weighing him as his back was bent forward.

Frankly speaking, the first several minutes of watching it... I was sleepy. Yes, all of the seats were occupied when we came, thus I had to split up with my host parent, found seats on the very side of the line, with my host sister,

My position at that time was perfect... For sleeping. Especially when the beginning of the story seems luring me to go to sleep.

The beginning was so fast and a bit tangled. Steven Spielberg showed us the Lincoln character, the condition of the war, and so on. It's nice that I've learnt about the Civil War, therefore I was sort of understanding the plot. But still...


From the middle to the end, the movie started to show its kick points. It shows the difficulties, fractions within the Congress upon the Thirteenth Amendment--abolish slavery. How Lincoln made decision and interacts with his employees, what's the impact of the amendment to the African Americans at that time, the hysteria of Lincoln's son in the theater when they announced that Lincoln has been shot... It's all there. The frenzy.

This type of movie is the kind that doesn't really follow the usual plot. It follows history, which doesn't offer you the usual plot. It has a problem in every step, not stages. You can still see the climax, yet it's not as bluntly as the usual story where you can see the beginning, the middle, the climax, and the end. Basically, this movie suits anybody who likes rocky, challenging kind of movies.

You might want to try read some synopsis before watching it, though.

But still...
It's a great movie. I feel you, Lincoln.
I feel you.

Total Achievement

I finished watching
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Trial and Tribulations
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Am... So... Proud. Yeah

Friday, November 23, 2012

Be Tough

Tahu kan, tipe orang yang cemas berlebihan?

I am one of the person who thinks too much. I might think about tomorrow more than enjoying what I do today. I look over people's grieves over mine, I pay less attention to my own happiness... Seldom.


I might be the what-if person who'll ruin your daily hopes by raising such questions in your every premise. Yes, even to my own premises.

Another anyway.

Being an exchange student made me raise those what-if questions. What if I failed the class? What if something happened to me? What if I don't have any friends? What if something happened to my family? What if I have troubles with my host family?

What if?

One of my what-if seems come true... Although it doesn't happen to me. One of my wonderful friend whom I don't wish to share the name since I didn't write this in the person's concern, just lost his father... Back in our country, Indonesia, while being away in here, America.

No, I do not wish talk about him. What I feel, that's what you'll read.

To be precise, that premise is also one of my concerns. What if... One of family members die? What if... I'd be totally clueless.

One thing I had in mind regarding others is that I always try imagining people's feelings in myself. What if it happens to me?

First thing that happened, I cried. Silently, literally. It's 12 AM! The sadness suddenly creeped my skin, letting me imagining my own possibility. I am afraid of losing anyone in my family, I'm even afraid of losing anybody that I know, because the picture of death scares me. Not knowing what might happen to you... Too many what-if questions I can barely ask to myself.

I thought i was delusional, thus I tried to look for more infos. And it is... Confirmed. I cried again.

What if I'm him?

Well, to be frank... I don't know.
I don't know whether I should be sad and ask to go home because my family is so important for me, or should I stay here--finishing my exchange year--because I know my father would be disappointed with me not being responsible with my scholarships, or should I act tough in front of people, or should I just let my emotions drive me, or anything else?

I know none.

If I were him... I might not be him. All of the uncertain emotions are mixed up pretty well. The fact that I know none... The fact that I'm imagining how he feels... Made me pretty messed up, by any means emotionally sad... Like super sad. Like, theCarol of The Bells song being played over and over again. I love the song, but it's... Gloomy. Pretty much

I envy you, dear friend. I might not be able to do what you do now nor understand how you feel, but I tried, really.

Innaillaihi wa innailaihi rojiun. May Allah SWT bless your father. Even though I never met him... Officially, I know he's a wonderful man, just like you.

I might know nothing, but may you be tough.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love at Thanksgiving Parade

Me and my host mother and host sister watched another Hallmark Christmas movie, called Love at Thanksgiving Parade. I'll make it quick.

Basically, it's about this super cute lady named Emily, a vintage fashion lover who works for the city, currently working for the Thanksgiving parade in Illinois, Chicago. When I said cute, I mean it. She's the typical passionate woman who's into moral values, about how important the parade to kids, as she was so enthusiastic about it when she was little. She's very smiley, charming, a loving woman. I'd like having her as the heroine in ANY kind if movies. Haha. One thing very quirky about her is that she likes wearing vintage clothes. Sad reason, though. Her mother died when Emily was a baby, her father--a cop--was so in much grief that he gave away all of Emily mother's clothes to Goodwill. The reason why Emily was wearing a lot of vintage clothes is in hope to someday find her mother's clothes.

Then, there's this guy named Henry, a nice, lonely, strict, rich guy who's devoted to do the right job description--in this case, saving money for the government. He's pretty much strict and workaholic. He stayed in fancy penthouse, had his own pillow case, brought a chess match to play by himself. Yes, pretty lonesome guy. One thing nobody knows about him--although he's trying to say things about it--that he's an orphan.

Emily--with her passionate love for the parade and her marine biologist boyfriend--and Henry have to work together as the government asked Henry to cut the spending of the parade. Emily was afraid that Henry's going to demolish the parade. Emily's boss told her to show the town to Henry.

Bla Bla Bla.

Problems started to rise. Emily's boyfriend is not proposing her, yet he asked her to join his cruise for the wonderful journey of marine science. She used to have troubles with Henry because of her prejudice toward what he might do to the parade. Emily just wanted to start a family, yet her boyfriend discarded what she wanted when they've been dating for five years!

Henry, he also has trouble--having trouble in believing in true love. He tends to end up a relationship after fifth date, because he's not ready for the marriage, and the girls started to want marriage.

Well, you know what happened. Yes, Henry proposed Emily.

The story is pretty typical, but it's cute and funny in lots of ways.

Like, how Emily always smiles and looks cheery,

How Henry was looking at Emily in grocery store when she was in deep confusion about buying ice cream or not and the cat food, after she had a debate with Henry over being alone is identical to buying cat can food and ice cream.

How Henry followed Emily's suggestion to try eating chocolate with peanut butter for Movie night.

How Emily was imagining the proposal

How Henry encouraged Emily to buy ice cream by buying ice cream ahead of her.

The cuteness, silliness of a relationship.

Anyway, it was cute enough. Pretty laughable.

Should go watch it!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

I can't believe it's finished!

No, no, I am not a big fan of Twilight Saga, sorry to say. I used to like the Twilight one, but when it started to develop into New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn... I just think it's too much. I am not a very romantic person, thus being in love with someone as bad as Bella to Edward, I just don't understand the logic.

My host sister... She loves it. So much. I tell you, so much.
The very last installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2, was released on November 16th. My hypothesis was that since the saga is so famous, the cinema might be full for the first two weeks.

Yesterday, after going to the gym, we decided to watch the Breaking Dawn on its first show on Saturday (which it shows around ten times a day. TEN!). Yes, we were still sweating and it's a bit chilly.

The guy who sells the ticket suggested that the first show might be less crowded. Well, even though it seems very much crowded, but I guess he's right. I mean, I got some really nice seats!

Some movie previews, THEN!

I finally watched the very last installment of Twilight Saga. My host sister couldn't stop smiling and clapping out of happiness... Y'know...

OKAY, for anyone who doesn't want to see some spoiler about what's going on inside the movie, stop reading this now.

Here's some points that popped in my mind while I'm watching the last Twilight Saga movie...

1.The opening graphic was sort of like free falling.
You see, in the beginning, the showed all of those people's names that are involved in the movie, with a black and red background, like all pictures of red and ice frosts. It gives you the creep, but suddenly, when they first showed Bella and Edward... The awe-ness of Bella turning into a vampire was not as great as I think it will be. They're just hugging each other, showing the awesome-ness of a new born... It doesn't leave a very great impressions to me. Just... Okay.

2. Reenesme!
I totally have trouble with the little half human half vampire baby, Reneesme. I know she was so perfect and beautiful from the book. And guess what I got from the beginning of the movie until the middle: a graphic computer-made looking baby! It's not their fault, it's just me. It bothers me so much seeing a baby that looks not real, her face is just too symmetrical, and you can see some not real spots from her face! And it bothers me. So much. I keep saying, "Aaah the face is so not real!", although in the middle of the movie, they finally changed the computer-made face into the real Mackenzie Foy.

3. Bella seems... Different.
Okay, still remember Bella from the beginning? She was described as a very complicated, deep thoughts person who seems like struggling with her own inner thoughts and doubts. Everybody seems to protect her frail being, but sometimes I see the sparks of power. AND SUDDENLY in this movie-despite she's finally becoming a vampire--she's becoming so temperamental, a bit hey-I'm-awesome attitude, and still a bit sentimental. I don't know why, but her personality changes kind of bothering me. I like how she always has her own deep thoughts problem, the complicated personality, and suddenly here she is, being so... Demanding. Probably that is her vampire personality, I just thought it will be more fun if she still has those deep thoughts personality.

4. The War Part
Do you know the kind of movie that has no martial sides at al, yet they're pushing any action scene to the movie so that it kind of having everything? Yep, I felt that way with this movie as well. Either it's me who forgot the plot or the producer just wanted to have the action side as well, I don't recall Alice imagining a war--which made a full fifteen minutes of war horror between the Volturi and the Covens. What I remember is that they had a very kind of negotiation, nearly started the war--with a bit of fist fight--but then Nahuel, the guy who's also half vampire and half human, appeared.
BUT, in this very movie, Alice was imagining the war horror that might happened if Aro--Volturi leader--started the war. Carlisle would be dead, Edward would be mad, war would happen, Jasper died--being ripped off, Benjamin knocked the land, made lots of casualties, both in the Volturi or the Covens. And in the end... Aro died in the hands of Bella of Edward. Pretty intense action scenes, all about ripping heads and choking others. Everybody in the theater was like, "KYA! No way! How come...? GYA!" Like a horror movie. And I keep telling my host mum that it was so not real because there's no part in the book that they started the war. Now you get what I'm trying to say, huh? Yes, it feels like they made the action scene just to appeal the audiences for the action part. Well, it felt like a pushed scene rather than natural to me.

5. Not mainstream
You know how the movie revolves around the main couple--Edward and Bella? Well, sometimes it also revolves around Jake and Reneesme, but still, they're the main story, right? One problem that I always have while having any movies or books is that I like the supporting couple. In this movie, the character Garrett was introduced, along with Kate, the electricity lady. It's sad how I actually pay attention to their development on being a couple rather than Edward-Bella development. Like when my host mum asked, I said, "Oh I love the Garrett-Kate couple so much! Garrett was so handsome, and the chemistry is there!" Y'know... Kind of being hipster. That's one of my problem while watching a movie. Getting distracted from the main thing. But it's good, right? I have the ability to find other unnoticed parts that some people don't see.

Well, basically, that's all. I had quite a great day.
Still can't believe the Twilight Saga is over.

Monday, November 12, 2012

007: Skyfall

007: Skyfall

From Google
For anybody’s who’s wondering,
I’ve watched Skyfall.

Yes, that James Bond movie.
Where? In IMAX.

On Veteran’s Day.

Just kidding.

Anyway, some stuff I’d like to share about this newest Double Oh Seven movie (which basically my first I-watched-it-till-the-end Bond movies)

Today was a pretty day, so me, Aizada, and my host mum decided to visit her daughter in Wake Forest. We’re planning on watching Skyfall in IMAX at Raleigh,

I heard that the movie was pretty long, near three hours. Yeah!

Then we went to the seats, got some nice seats inside, settling down.

The beginning of the movie was started with some motorcycle-car crazy driving and some shooting that makes me feel like watching another Bourne Legacy movie.
I gotta tell you, watching people driving crazily—both car and motorcycle—is tiring. My eyes, my mind, I’m tired of following the shaky camera. Period.

I think the chase lasted for ten good minutes, and then they moved scene to the top of the train, and suddenly BAM!, James Bond was accidentally shot by his partner. And he fell to the river, got flush away by the stream. And suddenly there’s the theme song and some credit clips (the ones that show names of people involved, but not the slide-from-bottom-going-up-credit-that-is-so-plain)

And I was like…
Yes. The movie only told us about how James Bond finally died, in fifteen minutes, I guess.

NAH, just kidding.
After those opening, they started to show the movie again.

I won’t spill the beans out, but here’s something you might want to know:

1. IMAX is so awesome.
You should try watching some great wonderful movies in IMAX. The ones that need total seriousness, like Bond.

2. James Bond is not bad
I always thought that James Bond movie is basically an espionage movie with girl sidekick as the decoration or as some light stuff to make the movie attracts not only people who like to watch spies, but also couple who like to watch the intimate scenes. Even though they still have some, but I’d say I love the espionage part of it. Might started to watch the previous one. I hate to say that it looks as if James Bond is such a player and all girls like him. Even though he's great.

3. The storyline is interesting
In my most humble opinion, for any of you who likes watching espionage movie just like me, guessing a storyline for such kind of movie sometimes as easy as seeing your watch. But then, while watching 007, I thought I found it pretty interesting since there are some part of movies but not the first fifteen minutes one that indicates the end of the story—based on regular hypothesis—but suddenly it jumped out to the next scene, continuing it. Better yet, it doesn’t stop and said, "To Be Continued…". The whole story kind of giving you from the beginning till the end—which I like the best.

4. Skyfall is a good theme song
I just like listening to it.

In the end of the movie, it said that it’s been 50 years of James Bond, and
After such complicated and I-thought-it’s-finally-the-end ending…

Better go watch it now!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Re-wait for it-lationship

Okay. Here’s the deal.

After watching two consecutive Christmas movies in Hallmark, I realized that the two movies shared some pretty common points of scenes, which are:

1. The fact that both girls were used to have a long relationship with some not ideal men for years and suddenly BOOM the dream, perfect men came, just like that. Ruined things I prefer make things right, though.

2. The boyfriends said the exact same thing to the ideal men, which is “Fate and I are engaged last night” or the other girl’s name—which I’ve forgotten.

3. There’s some third party that always motivates the girl to choose the ideal men over the I-already-know-you guy.

I had some sort of short debate with my host sister over having a relationship. Both of us have a total different point of view about life, although both of us agree about basic norm stuff at life.

She was trying to say that it makes no sense for her that the girl chose over the guy whom she only met for days or weeks over the man that she’s been dating for couple years, which she mig have known him better. From her perspective, that just doesn’t seem realistic. There’s no way a lady can easily fall for some random guy over the man who constantly tries to love her to the fullest.

I tried to rebut her by saying that, I guess in finding your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that the one you’ve stayed with is better or more promising than the one you just met yesterday, as long as the chemistry’s there. Even if you know someone for ten years, you might have been happier with the guy you just met last month rather than the one you’ve spent your whole five years with.

What I’m trying to say is that relationship is some sort of gambling. There’s no certainty in falling in love or looking for your soulmate. You can’t be certain that you’ll be happier with somebody you knew for years. You can’t be certain you’ll be happy with the one you just met either. None of them is better nor worse.

Remember the Love at First Sight term? If it does exist, let it be, for the people who tries to really look hard in the world for that very first sure glimpse of your soulmate in the corner street. As those people started to get commitment and marry, it doesn’t mean they found the perfect one. It’s just they’re ready to take chances, as they think that they finally want to start their new journey, as they’re thorough with the seeking game.

Love at First Sight? It doesn’t always mean it’s forever and ever and that’s it. I mean, after you let the man you’ve been dating with for years go and now you decided to pursue the guy you think suits you, it doesn’t mean you’ll get married with him right away, right? You will go through those introduction process, knowing each other moments, happy and hard time, or probably, a new encounter.

I’d rather be with someone who attracts me better than sticking my nose on the I’d rather be with you since I know you better theorem and be with the guy that I’m not sure I’ll be happy with JUST BECAUSE I met him much longer than that yesterday guy. No, I’d rather be with myself, taking chances. Not staying behind, regretting every moment of my decision because of the cowardice I had when I made those decision.

I’m no expert in relationship. But I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to do if I ever had some sort of situation, especially I’m looking for the spark of chemistry between humans. I might say I am not that not knowledgable enough to be lured with the anxiety and discouragement of taking chances.

So, at the very end, I said “it’s better for me to cut off my tie with the guy I’m not sure of rather than staying with him because of the time.”

And my host sister insisted that I would not want to sleep with the guy I just met two days ago and date him.

I don’t think I’m that desperate to just date the guy I met two days ago only based on my Love At First Sight moment. I’m not sure that’s the ending for rejecting your five years long boyfriend for the guy you just met two days ago.

I told you I’m not good at this.