She inked the world, she typed the world, she is the world.
Has an unstoppable imagination with infinitive dreams, she is stepping steadily to crumble your peaceful life. Yes, she is more than ready to run to you. True nature for spying, she's unpredictable. Her true treasures are her brain and her books. Do not ever mess with what she has treasured, unless you're willing to be cursed by her cruel words. Yes, she is no mere girl. She's the witch of words, goddess of stories and imagination. Her story is beyond ordinary people.

Yes, she's cruel against those who think arts have no relation with writings. For those who think animation is a resemblance of unadulterated, Fiction for those who believes in fairy tales, Miracle as a symbol of weakness and desperate people, Philosophy as a fading fact.

But hey, do you mind to take a peek in her?

She does believe in people. She's mysterious yet so cheerful in other time. She has two strong hands to write about people she admires. She has a beautiful voice to praise those she loves. She has a great respect towards those she praises. She walks calmly to those she respects.

Behind her gloomy posture, she can't hide her passions for her nature and her country. She cares for its people, its children, its future. She works herself to achieve her dreams, to reach peacefulness. Yes, she's on her way to that.

She is herself. She's black, yet really white. She's low, yet really high. She's quiet, yet really loud. She's so calm, yet really demanding. Do you mind to seek for her?


I am a passionate youth working towards my own future for the future of the universe. I do believe that destiny is rigid, but efforts still pay off, thus there's no reason not to put lots of efforts in something, since we're going to enjoy them at the moment anyway.

I mostly feel interested with pure nature --forests, wild animals, birds, mostly vertebrates-- and voluntary works, any kind of social works will do. Sport is also another thing, I feel attached with water sports and going to learn how to dive into the beautiful ocean soon. Soon.

Another point is that I am bonded to writing and books --and photos, sometimes. I prefer to collect books first THEN reading them. Borrowing books won't do to me, but the library's atmosphere --or pictures-- still fascinates me, a lot. Feel free to talk about any kind of books and I'll try to get on to them.

My blog is mostly used for literature purposes, sometimes I wrote about short stories that popped in my mind --mostly happen before I go to bed-- and they include stories from most of my (future) novel characters. Yes, I am working on writing books, who knows when they would appear before you someday?

No offense with my writings, they're just a way to pursue self-happiness --in this case, my own happiness.

OH, and happy reading!