Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthdays or Whatsoever of my Indonesia

Birthdays or Whatsoever

Tomorrow will be my country’s Independence Day.
And I am away from it for this year.
Nothing really special happens in here, America.
Because They do not celebrate it. Nothing happens.
No national flags, no people gathering around and have some competitions.
No ceremony.
The bloody red and pure, naive white for the flag of Indonesia.

Just the usual day for here.
Tomorrow will be the day my country got her Independence 67 years ago.
The day that had been waited by my ancestors, 67 years ago.
The sacral day they kept talking about.
And I am not there.
Around my Indonesians.
Sixty seven years ago,
My country was being reborn. She finally got the formal birthday.
She was finally being reckoned by the world, although she needed to get through things after it.
Even now.
You know, they say that you know you love someone when you’re losing them.
When you’re away from them.
I once got a personality crisis, and yes, I know I’m proud for being an Indonesian.
Yes, birthdays or whatsoever you call it, I’m congratulating you, Indonesia.
Happy Birthday!
Dina Puspita Sari
Written on Thursday, 16th August 2012 local time
17th August 2012 Indonesia time

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