Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Enchantress

So that’s it. My long history with The Secrets of The Immortals Nicholas Flamel is finally done. And I still couldn’t grasp the fact that it is done.

The journey had started way long ago and I had not finished the series right on time. And by the moment when I got my hand on the final installment, I knew a wave of emotions would come along throughout the reading process (skimming) that’s probably only takes about five to six hours in total of 500-ish pages.

The final was, as I expected, expected. The series is after all a Children to Young Adults genre and you expected stories to come up to the usual ending that the hero and heroine save them all.

I am, gladly, really into some children fictions that underline adventure, mythology, and heroic stories with a hint of magic and such, for example the Chrestomanci series, Rick Riordan’s, and Michael Scott’s. Following Nicholas Flamel’s storyline was an adventure alone because it took me years to collect books from the usual paperback to its expensive-hardcover. It took me two years before I really got on hold with the series again and gathered up the willingness to read it, and finished the first five books in two days. Two days, people. That’s what fiction could to me.

Then the last piece came to me. The final story, sort of the end. Every moment I read it, I enjoyed the bits of historical information that Michael Scott put inside to stir up the story. Being a children story, Scott usually manages to pull some lines that will make you smirk because of the unusual cheesiness or some jokes among the characters. By the end of some paragraph, you’ll find a line that will pull you cheek up. The book was indeed fun.

Although it might be slightly confusing for the final book because of the several events that took in different places, which made the whole story went slightly slower than the other books because the author had to jump from one to another places. I was too eager to know what happen to Josh and Sophie yet the beginning of the next chapter was not about them at all, so the story might be slightly confusing. There were some part of the stories that might need a better elaboration as well, for example the part about Josh and Sophie’s real background and some elaboration for the ending. Nevertheless, I thought that’s probably how authors work, to make readers wonder.

I would be a happy person if Michael decided to make the last book a bit lover because of the elaborations, but again, the main audience that he aimed was much younger than I am, so probably that does not matter for them. Although I consider myself that age. *ahem

Being a mythology aficionado, I thanked Michael Scott for taking the idea to turn such adventure into a written one that people can enjoy. I rarely cry when I read books but by the time I got to the ending, I’d shed some tears.

The series might take you long to finish and enjoy, but believe me, it was worth every second of it. Glad I bought the hardcovers

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