Sunday, September 5, 2010

Story of ArtCycle Day

"My friends and I were picking the pests from each block of this small garden. We joined a club called PRIGES (Prima Green School), which focused on the environmental issues and how we prevent it. I miss this kind of time, when I got home dirtier than usual, the feelings when we saw our plants were growing and it's producing fruits.

This kind of activity, I glad I had them earlier than I can. I won't have any kind of this experience again. Well, each second of life has a different meaning, feel, lessons."

Here's a short story about my first official project, which is not the main one, but... Well you'll know why from my story below.

Like what I have said in my presentation on IYC (Indonesian Youth Conference), I am planning to make a "Tree-R Campaign", a summer-camp-kind-of-activity which needs one month or more for all events, and will be involving children from 8 until 12 years old. I was planning to do this project (with my team-mates) before I presented it, and I thought it was a great idea to present it in front of my fellows from all around Indonesia.

So, I started to design and arrange the events, BUT, I just found out a really disadvantage fact which made me think twice and unfortunately, I have to postpone this project. The fact that Students of Public Senior High School have less holiday than my previous school, which means My friends and I have less time to focus on this project. This news really turned me down at that time, and I can't think anything else for a moment.

Maybe some of you think it's not a big deal, because many people got no problems even they have less time, they still could do great things. Well, the problem for me and my friends is, this event needs a direct participation from the committee, which means, we have to go to the field. And in this project, we doesn't prepare things for a month for a day, but we prepare things for a month for a month full day.

I am trying to find solutions and I know we still able to do it in these years, but my closest holiday is here, and we (especially me) really want to do something. This is my first holiday outside my hometown, and I promise myself to do something useful for it.

Then, I got a click!

I remembered that one of my mother's friends, Aunt Sandra, usually makes a creativity day in our community every Ramadhan Holiday, and I planned to do almost a same thing as hers on this year's Ramadhan Holiday. The difference between our event with hers is that we are going to do it at school with more diverse children, and we will also do a short presentation about our environment. What makes me relief is that this event looks like a short version of Tree-R Campaign. Yuhuuui.

I will share to you all about what the event is going to look like, but for this time, I just want to share how grateful I am that Allah still gives me a chance to do something this holiday. Well, tomorrow we're going to meet the school's people, and I hope everything is going to be fine and we're able to run this event, which we call it ArtCycle Day(s). Nice, huh, ACD? It sounds like acid, hehe.

Will share more about ArtCycle Day soon, wish this project will be approved.

Wish us luck! Yippie!

PS: I really hope everything is going to turn out just fine. Relax...

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