Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Mess with Someone's Commitment

"If you think what 's good for you is not what you have chosen, then change it. It's your sake, your future, and your responsibility. Or, you should just try to get through it. Your decision, Your life, Your Future."

I had a quite lesson story for all of us youngsters, since we're still youngsters.

Making a commitment seems unfamiliar for us. It's not like we're getting married or something, but a commitment sure is a serious problem for us which we have to prepare ourselves today to be able to commit something tomorrow. But I am not saying that you should commit suicide or something like that in your future, since I said so.

Joining a club, or an activity, in our High School period, looks like to be the most important part of having a memorable Senior High School. One of my seniors even told me this:
"For you to go to school for 3 years, you should only study for a half year, which is 6 months before your National Examination, College's Entrance Test, and everything to enter your favorite University. For the another two years and a half, you should only do what you love and things you have passion with along with your school, though you still have to make school looks like the priority. The main thing is, do what you like without abandoning your school, which means you should only study what you need for school, you don't need to take extra lessons, you just need to spend your youth time with F. U. N."

While studying, you should also think of what you wanted to do so badly and do it right away.
For example, joining guitar class, cello class, cooking class, write a book or some, read comics as many as you like and collect them, play basketball until midnight (without hurting yourselves), and many more.

For this case, joining a club would be nice.
Well, that is when our commitment is being asked for.

You may think that by joining the club which you like or popular will make it as your passion. Well, it's a no, my friend.
You should always know what you love from the beginning of your life, or as soon as possible.
Before you move away to the next stage of life: being an adult.

For my friends, and perhaps me, joining and then quitting a club seems fine, when our absence won't cause a big trouble for the club itself, and it's for their own sake.

That is a commitment. When you don't have any passion on what you do, I suggest you should expel yourselves from that activity and find the new one. Know what's your passion. And if you're saying such statements like: "I don't know what my passion is!" , then all that I want to say is:


Find it, today, this time, before it's too late for you to finally have found what you love.
It's not that I support those who can't make up their minds, but I'm strongly oppose those who hate someone just because that someone has finally found their passion and decided to follow their dreams.

I have a friend that finally spoke up and said that he didn't like the activity he was in to, and decided to go out from the club and do what he likes. I said, "Good for you, for finally have found what you love the most, rather than being a bug for the club, you should make yourself a hero in what you love."

But unfortunately, one of his friends disagreed and hates him. For a reason like, "I don't like him because he joined this club and then said that he hates this kind of thing and just walked out from the door."

Now I should say, poor you for being jealous because your friend had finally found what he love and will be succeed in his major when you're only staring at him and saying that you hate him while you still in the bottom.

But, there are some negative points if you keep changing your major without trying to find out what your passion actually is.

There are some tips from me to help you avoid those kind of circumstances, for example, being bullied by the community for not having a commitment when we actually try to make one.
   You should try to have a trial for everything you want to do before actually being in it. For me, trials are fine as long it's just for finding out whether you like them or not.
   If you already in the circumstances, I suggest you should find a way to be out from it. And not to repeat a same mistake again. Rather than making troubles for the club itself, you should make yourself out from it right away.
   Don't judge someone's commitment just by seeing them go in and out hobbies clubs. They are those who still try to find their passion.
   Use your time and age wisely. You're young and for me, youth means chances to try and be failed, stand up, and try again until you have reached the top and have another chances.
When you already step in to the next stage, you won't have time to look back and regret things and try to make an excuse to play your commitments.
That is the point why I'm telling this to you know.

And believe me, just don't mess with someone's commitment, especially when they are in this stage, Youth.
You won't know tomorrow if they're going to be a very successful man because they try to find their commitments and passion in their youth, when you regretting yourself for not trying to find chances and passions and just doing what you think was fine.

Go find your passion and in the end, when you have reached your youth limit, put your commitments on it.
I bet all of you will rule this world sooner or later.

Thanks for reading such a long blog.
I hope you have a wonderful time reading it.


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