Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strings, Sticks, and Notes around the Head

"Though there were a few clumsy fumbles, the pain, the gentle warmth vibrated so palpably throughout the song." – Len Tsukimori, from La Corda D'oro Primo Passo


I always wish I was raised somewhere more urban, more modern than my hometown. Although, I am glad that I was raised there, in such a great environment. Well, grew up in a forest-like environment has given me so many values of life which you won't experience in real urban life, big cities and stuff. I have experienced exploring the forest, and in the end, found out that the way that we explore connecting my home with my friend's house. I also have experienced hanging on the hanging roots in the banyan tree. Kalimantan, for the specific place, is where I was raised by. You won't have many places that still reflect their nature, like my hometown does. I apparently lived inside the small town, where you can even imagine it as Forks in the Twilight movie, surrounded by trees-tropical rainforest trees. My house is an old one, very much alike with the western house style, with bar and terrace, from woods. It's surrounded by agriculture vegetables, mango tree, and kittens. Kittens are almost everywhere. I share another story about my beloved kittens in other post, because this one will absolutely not talk about my pets-or sort of.
And that's the small description of my previous hometown, which I love so much. Although the place was like heaven-still green, fresh, calming, yet so hot because it's near the mines, small town has its own disadvantages. Being raised in such a beautiful yet low of courses-additional education, such as music course, art course, singing course, etc.- has given me decision to go abroad from the island. It was beautiful, but I won't develop myself there. Once, I moved to Jakarta at the age of 5 or maybe 6, and for my last year of kindergarten period, my mom registered me into many courses, such as singing course, painting course, sempoa course, dancing course, and many more that I can't even remember them. Many trophies I gained, I even met Titiek Puspa, one of the marvelous actress in Indonesia whom I adore so much, from dancing. I still feel that all of them were just yesterday-a few days ago, and now I'm already 16 years old. How nice.
Somehow, I regret my decision to choose singing course over a piano or violin course, although my teacher (if I'm not mistaken, her name is Ms. Mersi or something like Mercedes) said my voice is beautiful (I don't know what will she say when she hears me sing now), because it is hard to find a music course in my hometown. The piano course itself was one hour away from my house. This one hour, by meaning, is more than 30 kilometers with smooth road and very quiet environment-you'll probably just see few cars and monkeys crossing by. My mom immediately rejected my wish to learn piano, and so on, until my 9th grade of Secondary School. One of my teachers offered me to learn violin with some other fathers and moms of my little sister's friends' parents. I learn with those adults for about 3 until 5 months, until my national exam came. And that is the time when I stopped playing music again, along with my karate and swimming.

But I do have passion in music. I do think I want to be a musician. It is one of my infinite dreams.

I am more than an optimistic average girl. Some of you know I am insane about books and comics, and many of those books inspired me to do new things. I found out that I am interested with strings instrument. Violin and Cello are the top two on the list. I want to learn them so badly (Pssst.. I have saved my money to buy a cello, wish me luck!). I am inspired to learn classic stuff and am born to be one, with style. I am also interested with drums, when I saw how passionate a drummer can be, and how they "sleep" during the show, by playing their drums. I admire those women who face the world by playing them, and I do want to be a part of them. Not only that, I also want to learn how to play a clarinet. Classic stuff. Or maybe an oboe? How knows.
For some, they will see me as an average girl who doesn't really understand music and don't care about it. But when they found out how freak I am about music (classical and jazz), their instruments, and their books, people will see me as a freak, an otaku.
For my obsession of music, I even have scheduled my life to learn almost all of those desired instruments. Here's the timeline:
   In my First year of Senior High School, I will learn drums (checked! I have started my drum course since a few weeks ago).
   In my Second year of Senior High School, I will probably continue my drum until specification for genre (I'll choose Jazz), and start to learn cello. I hope until then, I'm able to save money to buy one.
   In my Third year of Senior High School, I will continue my current courses, which are drum and cello.
   In college, I'll probably wondering whether I'll master the drums a bit, because I think, I will decrease the intensity of my drum course (since I bet my skill is developing) and start to have a violin class beside cello. I will try to figure this thing out.
   Autodidact, I will learn how to play the clarinet and guitar in my Senior High School or College (there's no too late in learning, dude!)
   My target is able to play all of those instruments: Drums, violin, cello, clarinet, and guitar before graduating college.
   Thus, when I enter my work life before marriage, I'll try mastering all of those instruments.
   And when I'm married, I will learn how to play the piano and mastering the previous instruments. Isn't it nice when you send your kids and husband to school and work, and while waiting for them, you play the piano on the middle of the house, with light everywhere? It's my dream married life.
Quite confusing, eh? Well, you'll learn how freak I am about my obsession.
I have thought about these things in many places, such as in the public transportation, school, toilet, bedroom, etc. And thanks Allah, He gave me enough brain to imagine them.
You'll probably asking, "Why should I want so many things? Isn't it enough?"
Well, enough is good to remind us for the blessings from Allah. But when you feel your dreams are enough, what will you achieve in your life? What will you do for your entire life when there's nothing you desire anymore? So, keep dreaming and making them come true, my friend.

Dina Puspita Sari

Note: this post is just a personal interest of something. Don't mind to stop and read for awhile, but no compulsory to read it, feel free :)

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