Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Have You?

I feel extremely pathetic.

It is not wise, indeed, for clinging up after ages. We used to be close. And I got the sparks. Yes, I did.
But then we parted, the moment when I used to think, “Right, this is life. Things pass and go.”
But sadly, that moment didn’t last. Because I knew the sparks. And they’re still there.
It’s grumbling down my world when I realized you nearly ignore me. Notice me, for God’s sake! Nearly everything revolves around me is connected with your presence. It does hurt me badly, but I love it anyway.
I keep repeating the past. How we interact, talk, meeting eyes accidentally (or I just hoped that you’re keeping an eye for me?). How I really hope that the future has got something that I truly wish, which is a reunion. A better development. Greater sparks.

How I truly wish that these sparks are not only in me.
It may represent a stalker, but I do follow you. Even when people pass and go, in the end, I realize that you are what I wish for tomorrow. Above all of those ambitious dreams, you are what I want to reach.
And I do hope you are thinking the whole same thing, for this whole time.

Dear You, somewhere on this Earth.

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