Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How I Want to Spend My Life

How I want to spend my life.

Firstly, either traveling around the world or staying at home.

I might go from one to another country for voluntarism. Or simply traveling, spreading the word of PEACE. Work for societies, bring goodness. Anything with voluntary. Well... I just want to work for people, okay?
Move from place to place, culture to culture, faces to faces. Discovering the unlimited treasure within the world's people.
You get what I mean.



A nice wooden house. A huge, calmly garden. An isolated home. A stunning library which contains vast amount of books from all over the world, different languages, and different phase of time, with windows and high ceiling. Two cats. A Cello. A Piano. A Bed. Pencils. Watercolors paints. Blank papers. A Mac. And a kitchen.

What a life.
I should really see this post 10 years from now on.

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  1. you just described the 'staying at home' like when you still @ batu putih ._.