Sunday, March 10, 2013

#3 Drink from the Fridge is NOT Cold

First time I came here, I was so stunned when both of my host parents pulled tea from their fridge and then put ice cubes in it. I was like, "Isn't drink from the fridge cold already?" And they said no, you should put ice cubes to make it cold.

I wonder if I ever do that in front of my mom, she would probably shouted at me and say I'd get sore throat with that.

I still don't get the idea of putting ice cubes in the already-cold beverages.

Another weird thing is the fact that when my host dad was sick (he coughed and had flu), when I asked him what would he like to drink for dinner, he said he wanted tea with ice. I bluntly said that it's weird how you drink cold beverages which is not good for your throat (and your heart, apparently) when you're sick, and I told my host mum about what my family would do to me if they saw me drinking ice when I was sick.

They'd probably gone crazily mad.

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