Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No Going Home

There is no going home.
There is no going back.
There is no same place.
In fact, even tomorrow is different.
The next several seconds are different.
The moment you breath in and out are different.

The city that you left is now different despite the same name.
The people in it are different.
The temperature is different.
The sky line is different.

Nevertheless, you're different.

Instead of going back, you're moving forward.
Instead of going home, you're going to a new place where new adventures await.
Instead of same routine, you're exploring every new chance that life offered in every second.
Instead of thinking, "It's over," you'll be thinking, "Oh, there's another door."
And instead of closing the book, you just add them up.

Because, my dear friends, life is not simply hopping back and forth. It's rolling forward no matter how you try to replay your history.
Because, my friends, what we wish to be eternal, will always be eternal and will keep adding up.
Because, my friends, we have learned how to treasure the present.

Just like the grass that will keep growing upward no matter how passionate you cut them.

...In fact, they may still grow despite you pull them out.

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