Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Reunion, Batu Putih!

Last year, 13th December 2011, we met up on a Christmas and New Year’s Eve Holiday, rewinding some fun memories we ever had before in our most beloved hometown, Sangatta, East Kalimantan.
Yes, that place was a beautiful home for me to come back. The great nature and fresh breeze along with the mining. Despite it’s a coal corporations, I sometimes reflect this company’s existence as a huge trampoline for young great leaders who were born to be bonded with Mother Nature. I knew this would come, someday.

Many great dreams were made in that place, that home. Many great stories had been made there. And many great families had also been made. I made myself there. I was always bonded with the nature, and I knew my life would have something to do with it.
Which was not the main idea of this post.

We had another reunion in 2012, 25th June 2012. It was such a sunny day in Jakarta, we (me, Joop, Vina, Aga, Bella, and Dhani) decided to meet up in Gandaria City, and it turned out to be quite a nice place to hang out, except for the emptiness we felt since it was a work day.
I wore an Earth-colored clothes, mostly brown. Brown nude shirt, short, shoes, and brown leather bag. Brown glasses as well.

A nice lunch—first session meal—at Iga Iga, and I just watched. Yep, I was fasting that day. We sat there for around two hours or more, just chatted about simple stuff like school, college, but mostly horror movies. Had several snapshots as well. At least I looked quite nice.

Then it was 4 o’clock, and we moved to have a second session. The mothers went around the mall since they didn’t want to join any food-related session. We had our second session in Nanny’s Pavilion. Turned out to be quite a nice place. Shabrina ordered Chocolate Waffles and she didn’t finish it, yet I was still fasting. Everybody had a good time.

And it came to a goodbye. And a promise for another reunion, perhaps with larger mass of people. Adios, and be well!

Photo credit to Joop.

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