Friday, June 1, 2012

Supernova: Kesatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh

I forgot how many books I've read until now.
The day after tomorrow is my sophomore final exam, yet I spent 3 hours straight reading this book. Okay, move on to my review (it's better to do some reviews when it's still fresh in your mind).

For the record, I actually have bought this book so long before I finally decided to grab myself together and tried to look again through her pages -Supernova. First time I bought her, I spent nearly one hour to read several chapters, let's just say five until nine. Guess what, I was bored.

No, no, the book was fine, She was fine. I had no problem with the book, but somehow with the author's way in telling events. She used many Physics terms -I guess so- that no common people would simply understand them. Bifurcation, serotonin, I don't even know how to spell. No, no, I know serotonin, but her terms for many universal events and atomic incidents are just... not helping me much.

Thus, I decided to pause the book. It's rare, yes. Even the most uninteresting fantasy story I've read so far took at least 2 hours of my life to finish it, without stoping.
I thought it was just my brain just couldn't process those words really good, I need to take a break. Hiatus.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I decided to continue it again. I always have a thing for any philosophical ideas, scientific explanation for human's emotions, life experiences. And I knew I found them in this book, though it was really hard to digest previously, I had quite great time spending three hours of my sleep to finish the book. Can't believe myself either.

Anyway, overall, the book spent her 400-ish pages to elucidate about a gay couple who decided to make a novel based on scientific-something. Along the story, the author included several points from the gay couple who wrote a story, and the actors in their story. It was like reading a book in a book. Inception.

It was so hard in the beginning, but gradually, I started to understand and enjoy it. How I always looking for books that explicitly blurt out philosophical ideas and paradoxes. It's fun playing with paradoxes, and I kind of seeing it from this book. Many scientific terms are being introduced through this book -I wonder how the author studied all of those herself just to make one fine hard novel?

This book actually as simple as the idea of questioning. The idea I found tangling all of the events is actually about human tried to question themselves, how every single particle we live in is actually a question mark, and how we are actually living by keep answering them. As simple as that. As mystical as that.

Well, still got exams. Go read by yourself!

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