Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sentiment Issue

Most people think I already have my ideal condition of physical appearances. I am proud of my own body, that is true. Though I think it’s pretty common for a normal human to feel unsatisfied with their own physical appearances. In this case, I’d use those unsatisfied feelings as a motivation. Yes, I’m bragging about this on my blog. 

You see, for most Indonesian people, having more than 1.6 meter height has been considered as tall enough. But, another fact came up, the percentage of petite women using wedges and high heels —any related kind of shoes I never be able to stand against— and how those killer and seems to be pretty yet horrified me terribly shoes have gained height up until 20cm has scared me so much. 

I never like using high heels. And the only type I know is wedges and high heels, yet both of them are HIGH heels. Yes, the image of me wearing them always horrified me, and they’re such a pain. My family history never has good relation with those type of shoes, as my Mum never takes the liking on them. Thus, it’s pretty normal if I wished to wear normal shoes (not that I was trying to imply that high heels is abnormal). 

But another problem raised up. The fact that people around me started to get taller —thanks to the killer shoes— yet I’m stuck in my height, miserably trying to get a look when I’m in the middle of a concert —yet everyone was THAT tall, and somehow, I looked like I am indeed petite. 

Height has always been my sentiment issue. Most. Top of the list, even before my thigh. 

And then I googled some clothing website, and they categorized women into two groups: PETITE (5’4” and Under) and TALL (5’10” and Up). I googled an online feet to meter converter and guess what, I was included in PETITE group. 

Nice, dude, seriously. Whoever made that website, I’ll prove it to you. At least I might get into NORMAL size. I still have several years to raise some inches. I’LL GAIN MY HEIGHT SO I WON’T USE HIGH HEELS! 

ps. the fact that I actually wrote this down on blog is indeed crazy. And random.

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