Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel

For those who are worried about spending money on watching the newest Superman movie on 3D or IMAX, don't worry, it's totally worth it.

At least that's how I felt after my 3D experience. As you know, due to my poor eyesight, I had to wear a prescribed glasses under my 3D glasses, which didn't bother the fat that I enjoyed the movie.

Superman movies have been remodeled and twisted way more than we think. Big screen movies, TV shows, cartoons, you name it. The blue tight costume with red cape that is also shifting along the movement of the Superman phenomenon. For me, it is.

I used to watch some of the Superman cartoons in CartoonNetwork and slightly enjoyed the highly morale, wisdom, quirky, and randomly hunky Clark Kent/Kal-El followed the movies before this newest one, with that Brandon guy as the actor. As always, he was good looking, had beautiful eyes, more like a model than your regular Daily Planet reporter. Well, I guess working in Daily Planet will either make you a supermodel or a superhero. My latest response to the previous Superman movie was that I pretty much enjoyed it (and him) to the extent that I collected pins of the movie, and I still have 'em now!

Superman movies are always (so far, for me) complicated. If you follow along the cartoon storyline, it was pretty simple and pretty child-like plot. In movies, they have to make the plot progressively interesting and unpredictable yet made the audience longs for more, more, more. The people that are involved in making them always try to find ways to make their own version special and different, one of the reasons why I found them complicated.

The previous Superman movie--I couldn't recall the title--was basically about Superman coming back to his Earth life after leaving behind Lois Lane and basically his world. I forgot why he came back, but when he came, Lois Lane apparently had gotten herself married to someone and had a little boy. Storyline went on, I forgot most of them, but they did have some kryptonite scene where the Superman got stabbed by it. And I think Lex Luthor was the bad guy. And apparently, Lois Lane's little son was actually Superman's son. Wonder how and why.

Time goes on, Christopher Nolan--producer of Dark Knight series--and Zac Snyder--director of 300 (which explain why Russell Crowe played in this movie)--decided to come together and made another DC superheroes movies that hopefully will turn out as good as the Dark Knight Series. They casted Henry Cavill as Kal-El, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russell Crowe as Jor-El. And the main antagonist is not Lex Luthor--yet. It's General Zod--or however you write it.

Henry Cavill--to me--turned out to be a quite suitable Superman, he sometimes looks like Christopher Reeve--probably the hair. He has this good looking and naive and quiet vibrant from his personality and you totally can see that during his Unscripted interviews. For a visual show, I'd rate ten out of ten for his good looking and charm, although he looks slightly weird when he smirks or smile, but he's still good looking, and not skinny at all. Hunky piece.

The story line slightly confused me, as again, this is a different twist of Superman plot. They showed the origin of sending Kal-El away, his natural parents, the planet's destruction, etc. Then it immediately hopped to a new timeline where Kal-El/Clark was an adult, living from place to place to hide his secret and also to help people out. Nearly three forth of the plot is about jumping back and forth through Clark's life and his struggle.

I cannot say that Henry Cavill is the best actor to play Superman, though. Although he did tremendously well, I know that for some reasons, there are scenes that he just didn't know how to portray it as a Superman. I mean, I myself cannot really imagine how Superman would react when he figured out or met his parents, or meeting Lois Lane for the first time, or losing someone that he loves. At this point, I feel like Superman is pretty emotionless about it.

One thing I love about the main villain is that he's not evil because of his pure lunatic and antagonist nature. He holds certain values and dignity to the extent that he committed such crime in order to hold what he thinks right--which I think some people should learn from. I'm gladly happy seeing him lose but won't feel bad about seeing him coming back, which I don't think so.

Amy Adams played quite a great Lois Lane, although I felt just enough curiosity out of her, which I think, if you're talking about Lois Lane here, she's depicted as someone who's full of eagerness and curiosity like a child, pretty hyper herself. Amy Adams portrayed Lois Lane as a composed, slightly stubborn, caring companion for Superman. Which is not bad. 

If you're asking for reasons why you really should watch another Superman movie--other than the great actors in it, I can mention some. Go for:

The great visual effect
This particular movie has a terrific and sometimes scarily tremendous visual effect of the super fighting amongst the Kryptons. They just had a wonderful job on processing the movie that I enjoyed every little bit of the scene in it, especially the rough parts. They exaggerated his flying, his punching, everything. Totally worth to watch, I couldn't even describe.

Epic sound
Or music, you name it. It just added a sense of epic-ness in the movie, whatever the plot is. You feel like you're watching something that is historically important.

Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe
Uh, did I already mention about the actors and actresses? Oh, by the way, Kal-El's natural mother, Lara, was so pretty as if she does come from Krypton.

Superman's epic hair
You'll be left wondering for the whole movie: why on earth is his hair not moving at all? One of his trademark, I guess.

Dumbfounded people in the end
This is always the major question in any Superman show: why people cannot even realize that Clark and Kal-El are basically a same person that's different because with or without glasses? In here, Lois Lane is the only one who realizes that he's the Superman, and nobody does. New guy in the Daily Planet, they said. And how come, with even his charming glasses face and hunky body shape, nobody has no crush on him, other than Lois Lane? This is the best question ever for Superman.

You'll want more
This movie is more like a historical documentary of Superman's life. The cinematography of the movie is so family-friendly and nostalgic and you felt as if you're looking into someone's memory, with human eyes instead of the camera shots. You jus beg for the second and third ones, just like what happened to Dark Knight.

Christopher Nolan with his epic visual effects just like in the Dark Knight and Zac Snyder with his marvelous massive way to give out such a hysterical effect just like in the 300, who would not want for a second one?

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