Thursday, June 6, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I wrote this as soon as I arrived home after watching the movie. Okay, before I wrote how I think about it, I need to confess...

I read the summary of the movie in Wikipedia before watching it. Well, some. 

BUT! Nonetheless, it's not like I understand the synopsis that much, there were just a lot of things going on I couldn't even process it clearly. But surely, that kind of messing up my expectations. And I truly regret the fact that I took a peek.

Anyway, personal opinion: KYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAAKHAAAN
I might be one of the die-hard Benedict Cumberbatch fan... Well, not that much. But I'm eager to see him in any kind of movie. I've watched his depiction of Stephen Hawking and I thought that was brilliant. Of course I've watched Sherlock, like, duuuuh.

Okay, need to stop fangirling.

About Star Trek, I just started watching it when they made the new version of it, with Chris Pine in it. Not that I like Chris Pine (well that's true, though), but I am not that well associated with space movies, so when they started having the new version and I was happened to be around, I started to follow it. And to frank, I might like Star Trek way better that Star Wars (also due to the fact that I don't follow Star Wars at all).

The first Star Trek movie, I felt like it was okay-good-great space movie. Especially there's quite a lot of dilemmas in it, but basically about building relationship. Well, I don't remember the first one that well anymore.

The second one... Umm, how should I put this, since I kinda took a peek (curse you inner temptation!), I was slightly guessing while enjoying the movie, which totally ruined me. Although I'm still pretty happy about the movie, but if only I didn't take a peek...

I felt that the movie was sort of like an on and on problems and questions going on. It was slightly confusing in the middle, since I couldn't really figure out who's helping who and how they're going to end it, and whether Benedict Cumberbatch is the main evil guy... Nah, he has that evil vibe, so it must be him. Sometimes I felt like in the middle, it was slightly like Bond's Skyfall, where the evil guy also surrendered only to destroy from the inside. Sort of.

Going along the whole movie, you kinda have the idea about how each problem will be resolved, for example how Khan will be defeated, how Kirk will be saved, how Spock will see the world, how (everything else) because the answers were there. This is the type of movie to amuse and amaze you and to make you want to go to aeronautics so that you can join NASA and probably if they ever thing about doing stuff like Star Trek, join their starship, too. least it made me think that way. For the whole entire movie, I couldn't stop cheering and "kyakyakya" the whole time. Pretty embarrassing.

For the enjoyment that I had during the movie, I would rate this movie 4 stars. Because again, it amazes you about how complicated space life can be, and that's it. Benedict Cumberbatch also played along pretty well, although it's quite hard to separate him from his Sherlock side, and you do sometimes see that side of him. And I surely miss his curly hair in Sherlock.

And! They also gave away a possibility for the next movie, that's what so good about this, Star Trek is sorta continuing from one to the other, but it's still an individual adventure.

Seeing Star Trek kinda reminds me of the UN.

OH! I got Khan's poster, too!

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