Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Girl With Icy Hands

Her only problem.
When you are not even comfortable touching your own pinkish cheek with your own hands because they're too cold. For no reasons.

And every time she goes to a cold movie theater, she will not try to sit on her hands because they're cold. And rarely someone wants to hold hers, at least to make her a bit warmer.

She doesn't whine about it, it doesn't really troubles her. It's just... Unusual. When your whole body is humanly warm yet your hands are like icy, cold water in a glass with melted ice.

It's pretty sad, though. Little kids don't like to be touched by her cold-skinned hands, although they love playing with her. They laugh together, yet they don't want to hold her hands when they're having an afternoon walk. Her sister doesn't want to hold her smooth, silky hands because they're too cold. Cold, cold.

She wasn't even born in a four-seasons countries, she's as healthy as those tropical kids that happily run in the forests, although living in a tropical country doesn't mean you literally live inside a forest.

Now, winter is here. The air is getting colder, and so are her hands. She can't touch herself, warm the cheeks, because it's cold. She can't touch her neck because it's freezing, even her legs.

And one day, she said, she wished for someone who longs to hold those cold hands. To hold them when they're in a movie theater, or walking in a park in Fall. To willingly have her touches their cheeks with her icy hands. To blow warm air to her hands when it's started to get chilly. To stay on hold with her, no matter how cold her hands turn to be.

For someone who will kiss her hands gently--like her mother and father did--and says how much they like her icy hands, talented twinkling fingers. How they long to be touched by them, just like herself wanting to touch her cheeks with her hands. The cheeks.

Or to buy her a cup of hot plain water just to hold on to it. Or letting her touching their hairs while she's reading her favorite books.

Way off track, though.

And one day, she said, she wished for a colder hand, so that the someone she longs so much will hold it tighter, keep her hands in their pocket, taking care of them.

Not being shocked of how cold her hands are, or saying "Don't touch me, your hands are too cold!"

As if that's a nicer way to say, "Don't touch me, you're a very cold person."
By heart.

Quite similar with The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, huh?

She literally has cold hands.


  1. This is kinda sad... And my hands are pretty easy to get icy,too :( by the way, hi! :)

    1. Glad you feel the sorrow, hi! Thanks for stopping by :)