Friday, December 14, 2012

First Fight


I don't know whether I should be rejoice, but it sure made my adrenalin went up, up, up.

So, this is the story.

It's Friday, today to be exact. I had English III in my first period. We're finally finishing the play The Crucible, a tragic play than somehow depicts witchcraft trials back in the 1700s. Some of the characters are real. One trivia thing, I don't like the play because it ended tragically. Good people died in pride, bad people got away, everybody was hysteria. The act showed you how some people--no matter how much it doesn't make sense--will still hold their greediness, reputation above all. All of the nonsense of witchcraft that's basically based on jealousy, how those people's mind doesn't work at all. Pretty tragic.

We had a pretty time. For a moment, I thought.

Then, we started to collect books and get ready to get out from class. I stood up and picked books from other tables, when I heard some guys on the corner of the class chuckled and said something about "Knock his head with books" and basically, pick on him. Yes, the new guy in class, a tall, big, quite-looking Caucasian kid. He went in front to the table to put some books back, and one of the African guy purposely stood in front of him in his way back and they bumped into each other. I'd say both of them doing it on purpose, and suddenly...


They're punching each other, at that moment, on the place where they stood up, which is next to my table. yes, my book bag was pretty sad looking, I couldn't even get back. I was across the room, pretty much shocked. That is literally the first fight ever that I've seen in such close range. My host sister--sitting on the table next to me--was the other closest witness of the fight. Along with the girl who sits behind me (she's trying to stop the fight). I was so panicked that I have no idea what to do, when the teacher shouted at me, "Go get somebody!"

And I was like, "GET WHO?! WHERE?!"
One of the girl told me to get to the police. I ran outside, but still have no idea where I should go, since I'm totally confused. I even made circles in the hallway before I decided to run to the front office. The principal and some teachers came to our class, while my heart was still thumping really hard, either because of excitement or scared.

The principal asked us to write statement about what happened and he asked us one by one. I was so nervous because I felt like being in an investigation like all of those detective movies I've watched. I was like, "We're just some nice two exchange students that try to bring peace, that's all."

I asked my English teacher whether she has experienced such thing before, and she casually said Yes.

I felt like the only person in the world who just got something that's not even new to anybody in there.

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