Thursday, December 20, 2012

School Soothing

No, no, I mistyped. It's School Shooting.

As you guys may have heard, there was this tragic event that happened in small town called Newton in Connecticut, where around twenty some people--most of the are elementary kids--were shot dramatically by a young guy that somehow got some sort of mental illness and just BAM BAM BAM to the elementary school.

I don't really know the chronology of the story, but long story short, his mother turns out to be one of the substitute teacher in the elementary school and the guns that he used to kill the victims were his mom's. We also found out that the killer killed his mother first and the brutally went to the school and just did the massacre. And then he did suicide. Like Arthur Conan Doyle, left the story hanging... I'm not sure I can use Mr. Doyle as a comparison, but anyway...

It happened last Friday, and everybody still talks about it.

For you who don't know it, you might think living in America is very liberal and fun and fast and easy and rich and popular and so on, but those lives are paid with consequences. Most of Asian countries--Indonesia, to be precise--might look like poor, un sanitized, crowded, third world countries. All of the sweatshops that your History teacher showed in your class probably came from the Asian countries, Indonesia one of them. Indonesia itself is not that liberal, pretty strict, and still developing. You feel like being chained.

But Alhamdulillah there's no gun ownership. Not some random people from out of nowhere that have mental sickness and own a gun and come to a random school and shoot the kids. Or temperamental person who thinks problems can be settled in with just shooting the trouble-maker. No, no, we don't have that kind of threat... So far. We might not have any LockDown drill for students, to ensure that we know what to do when there's some random guy that come to school with guns and ill-heart... Which is staying on the corner of the room.

You might want to read about what really happened in the Connecticut shooting. My English teacher said that one of the victims is a teacher that hid the kids in the closet, and then when them killer came and asked where the kids, she lied and told him that they're in the gym. The killer brutally shot her, for lying. Hem.

In my country, you don't experience that kind of things... So far that I know. Hearing stuff like "random guy came to school and shot the students" is totally new to me, as a foreign exchange student. The fact that those things happen in this liberal country frightens me a bit... Because just like those kids, I'll never know hen it'll happen in my own school.

The case was kind of left hanging since the killer killed himself. No one will ever know the very true reason--motive--behind the tragedy, without a single clue, and nobody knows what might have caused it and how to prevent it. It's left hanging, tragically.

And today, there were a lot of parents coming to school to pick up their kids, because of some rumor about the exact same things that wandering around the school community. I saw quite some police officers walking back and forth, as if they're trying to act that everything's just find, we just have a bunch of new police officers for no reason. My lunchmate freaked out--although he's a guy, and his sister is a very easy-going girl that doesn't worry as much as he does--and even one of lunchmate went home since his mother picked him up. The bus was kind of empty--which is good, I can sit on the front seat--and lots of kids are not coming to school. Wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Anyway, we're watching "The Crucible" in English class and "BONES" in Anatomy class. Finally.

One thing that crossed my mind this day was the fact that none of these would have happened in Indonesia.

Just saying.

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