Thursday, December 20, 2012


Since everybody was talking about it, I assumed I got the chance to write about it.

If tomorrow is the end of the world...

I will not choose America as the last place to stay. Or, America would be one of the least places I want to be, if it's really going to be the end of the world.

Not merely because I nearly finished my fifth month of exchange year and thus I am staying away from my natural family and it sounds so pitiful to experience the end of the world with your new family and friends without being able to hug those blood related family of yours, or no, not just blood related, heart related.

No, not merely based on that reason, although it's one of them.

If people know when the end of the world will come, everybody in my country would probably be staying in masjid and mosques by now. All of my high school friends will hug each other and pray for our well-being-ness and life after death. One of my saint-like friend, M, will be there. She's the first person that crossed my mind when I think about praying together.

Everybody will start praying, read Al-Quran together, ask for forgiveness. It'll be one of my most favorite day because it feels so peaceful and everybody is just loving and embracing each other, in a mannerly way.

I might cry quietly while hugging my brother and sister (of course after I arrived in Jakarta). I will ask forgiveness from my parents, I will miss them pretty bad after life. But I think I'll leave happily since it feels so peaceful, everybody is just so caring and gentle.

I might be wrong, there might be some part of the scenario that is not as perfect as I imagined it would be, but I think it's close.

And also, I might be wrong.

First impression of having the end of the world in America is that instead of praying and peacefulness, people will do crazy stuffs, like driving cars when you're not old enough, do everything that they've wanted to do since years, apocalypse everywhere. Although I'm pretty sure that might happen in Indonesia as well.

Like they said, You Only Live Once, they'll definitely do things that fulfill the "live once" theory.

And with the gun issue, those gun owners would probably come out and start another apocalypse in order to save themselves. Me and my host sister would probably just watch the tragedy, since there's nothing sentimental we can really do about it. Again, it'd be so pitiful to not being surrounded by people you have loved since your early years, but hey, who knows.

I'd probably run and scream, instead of praying, because that's what everybody does. If you ever watched The Walking Dad Dead, I think it's pretty much like it, although I never watch it that show.

Anyway, all of these End Of The World issue really made my last Thursday before winter break seems... Intriguing. Or any kind of adjectives I can use to describe the peculiarity of it. Everybody was like "Tomorrow's the end of the world, anyway..." Or "Everybody's gonna die tomorrow anyway..." Like that.

Even my lunchmate was freaked out.

Now that you mention it, you'll never know whether there's gonna be tomorrow or not, right? Another tomorrow might be the end of the world.

But this whole End Of The World thing really made you actually worry about what's coming up tomorrow, since you'll never know.
Or is it just me being so critical about uncertain things that started to get brought up because of the Mayans?

Oh well, only Allah knows it.

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