Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Blizzard

It was 7 pm at night. Feels weird indeed. It just felt like bunch of hardened messy rain that's quite slippery. You just feel it hits your face but you can't really see the whiteness of it since it's night and it's dark already.

Indeed, this is my first snow. I am happened to grow up in a tropical island, and being able to be an exchange student to a four seasons country such as America made me realize that there's a lot of new things that I should experience to call my life a life. Some Americans don't even realize that some of their experiences might become priceless to some people. Including me.

The news was spreading really fast. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last midterm, Art and Honors Anatomy. I haven't studied at all. I was just waiting on the couch for that right moment when my host mother said it's snowing.

And there she was, saying that her car was covered with snow. I immediately ran to my room, grab jacket, hat, gloves, boots, and ran outside with my camera, of course with my host sister. I asked her to film me having my first snowy experience. She filmed it alright, along with my camera getting wet. It was the first time I had an idea to buy a waterproof camera. Might consider it later.

We walked quite some time, along the neighborhood (which is quite empty, but it feels peaceful, which is nice). We met some of the children that live on the other house, and they were as excited as I was. I am, right now.

We went back home and started to clean up. I already had some flu, and because of the snow, I had to snort out some mucus again.

And then I decided to walk outside by myself. To feel it.

And I felt it to the core of my bone.
My first snow. First time being hit by the snow flurries. That bright, emptiness feeling. When you see the flakes fall on the street, it looks like the snow is so tender and gentle.

And you couldn't resist not running to the street and feel the drop by your own flesh.
And suddenly you felt it hit your face hard. You can't even open you eyes because it keeps hitting you. White cold ice that magically fell from the sky. It's pitch black, and suddenly it's white.

You hardly can see, but when you try enough, you will finally able to see what is exactly falling from the sky.

Then you feel like the world is stopped for a moment. While the snow keeps hitting you tenderly, you realized that there's a lot of things that have happened in your life that you didn't feel graceful about it yet. Just like millions of Americans who probably hate snow yet they never realized how lucky they are to be born in a land that can be covered with the white, pure fluff blanket called snow.

As simple as being grateful with what surrounds you, life has become wonderful itself.

I cried. I have lived my life for eighteen years and I forgot to be grateful of lots of things that have happened, yet I cried for something that might be usual for most people.

Being in a snow raining was a wonderful experience, especially the first drop to your city. No matter how some people really hate the cold, I loved it, always do, and will always.

So basically... That's what happened when you just had your first snow.

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