Sunday, January 13, 2013

Please Ignore Vera Dietz

A very teenage, light type novel, I found this story quite amusing--and confusing, in the same time. I won't brag about the details of it like I did previously (since it's 12.01 am and I was supposed to go to sleep), but basically, the story is about a girl named Vera Dietz who tried to get over her ex-best friend and crush who just recently died of an accident, the story behind the accident, some notes from the dead kid, and notes from Vera's father as well. The story went round and round that you're having quite a hard time understanding the plot.

But again, this book is a very light type of book, so you don't really have to worry not understanding it, because you will, eventually.

I like how both character tried to struggle with each other's feelings, with Vera (the main character) was trying to get over Charlie's death, their memories together, how Charlie was also struggling to stay away from her because he knew that he's not for her, she's too classy that he wished he's as classy as she is.

The main thing about this book is that it's not like that Romeo and Juliet kind of book. It's totally different and light. You won't see such kind of love intensity in Twilight in this book, which is why for those who are looking for a killing time book, this might be an option.

It still holds some cute, tragic love story in it, which is not overdone.

Anyway, gotta drink my Delsym. Had quite sore throat these pas couple days.

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