Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life for Later

If possible, I'd like to live somewhere with the heaviest rain on this Earth.
Raining every single day. Barely sunny.

I cannot live without seeing or feeling or smelling the drops of rain. Sounds poetic enough, but it's true.

I'd like to live somewhere where umbrella is my best friend, raining boots are my fashion statements, and thick raining jacket as my skin. With a house full of windows, I might live near a forest. Or in the forest. Or on a cliff.

Then every morning, I'll wake up as early as possible and paint. Or run outside, through the showering rain itself. Then I'll go back and take a warm shower, or bath, while listening to the drops. And sip hot milk tea while finishing my books. Or painting again. Or writing.

I would go to the town occasionally, seeing random people in a small town. Buying some new books, looking for indoor plants, buy some pastries.

Planning some holiday trips back home. Stay in a totally different scenery just for several days. And then go back again.

With my dear companion, rain.

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