Saturday, February 9, 2013

Past Six Months

It's not that I'm counting, I'm just happened to watch.

Seriously, this is not because that I'm feeling something blue about my country. I always do, but perhaps I haven't realized it until this far. This far.

Passing six months living in America started to open my eyes for the next level of my exchange year. The ultimate Beyond Your Expectations level. You started to see those opportunities that lay in front of you, waiting for your gentle hands to snatch them as soon as possible, pursuing future.

Especially if you're like me, a very 18 years old girl who likes to consider herself as a girl rather than a woman, easily mistaken as a 15-16 years old, going to graduate next year (hopefully) and still has no idea what she wants to do after graduation, further than going to college.

Which college? What major? Where?

I have no answers for those, yet.

And now my offers have grown into unlimited possibilities. Living abroad, college abroad, pursuing new things, I felt like I have a totally new door and new house to go too.

Until all of these possibilities started to flush me inside, I was nearly drown.

Being far away and offered a lot of possibilities made you think about lots of different stuff. And it made you realize different stuff as well.

Just when you realized how amazing your life has been, you started to wonder how far you can go.

But being an exchange student is different than a mere opportunist.
We are chosen to be different, just like in movies, books, stories. Being chosen doesn't necessarily mean you've defeated others, but for me, it's because you've defended yourself the most. Doubts, fears, inferiority, human is affected with such problems, including me.

We are not mere opportunists. We don't leave things behind and pursue future happily. We take what we left into considerations, becoming parts of our future, not just leaving a footprint and let the wave washes it off. You dig in and let the water comes in.

As much as you want to pursue great future in front of you, don't forget about the great things you can do with what you've left behind.

Just saying.

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