Saturday, November 10, 2012

Re-wait for it-lationship

Okay. Here’s the deal.

After watching two consecutive Christmas movies in Hallmark, I realized that the two movies shared some pretty common points of scenes, which are:

1. The fact that both girls were used to have a long relationship with some not ideal men for years and suddenly BOOM the dream, perfect men came, just like that. Ruined things I prefer make things right, though.

2. The boyfriends said the exact same thing to the ideal men, which is “Fate and I are engaged last night” or the other girl’s name—which I’ve forgotten.

3. There’s some third party that always motivates the girl to choose the ideal men over the I-already-know-you guy.

I had some sort of short debate with my host sister over having a relationship. Both of us have a total different point of view about life, although both of us agree about basic norm stuff at life.

She was trying to say that it makes no sense for her that the girl chose over the guy whom she only met for days or weeks over the man that she’s been dating for couple years, which she mig have known him better. From her perspective, that just doesn’t seem realistic. There’s no way a lady can easily fall for some random guy over the man who constantly tries to love her to the fullest.

I tried to rebut her by saying that, I guess in finding your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that the one you’ve stayed with is better or more promising than the one you just met yesterday, as long as the chemistry’s there. Even if you know someone for ten years, you might have been happier with the guy you just met last month rather than the one you’ve spent your whole five years with.

What I’m trying to say is that relationship is some sort of gambling. There’s no certainty in falling in love or looking for your soulmate. You can’t be certain that you’ll be happier with somebody you knew for years. You can’t be certain you’ll be happy with the one you just met either. None of them is better nor worse.

Remember the Love at First Sight term? If it does exist, let it be, for the people who tries to really look hard in the world for that very first sure glimpse of your soulmate in the corner street. As those people started to get commitment and marry, it doesn’t mean they found the perfect one. It’s just they’re ready to take chances, as they think that they finally want to start their new journey, as they’re thorough with the seeking game.

Love at First Sight? It doesn’t always mean it’s forever and ever and that’s it. I mean, after you let the man you’ve been dating with for years go and now you decided to pursue the guy you think suits you, it doesn’t mean you’ll get married with him right away, right? You will go through those introduction process, knowing each other moments, happy and hard time, or probably, a new encounter.

I’d rather be with someone who attracts me better than sticking my nose on the I’d rather be with you since I know you better theorem and be with the guy that I’m not sure I’ll be happy with JUST BECAUSE I met him much longer than that yesterday guy. No, I’d rather be with myself, taking chances. Not staying behind, regretting every moment of my decision because of the cowardice I had when I made those decision.

I’m no expert in relationship. But I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to do if I ever had some sort of situation, especially I’m looking for the spark of chemistry between humans. I might say I am not that not knowledgable enough to be lured with the anxiety and discouragement of taking chances.

So, at the very end, I said “it’s better for me to cut off my tie with the guy I’m not sure of rather than staying with him because of the time.”

And my host sister insisted that I would not want to sleep with the guy I just met two days ago and date him.

I don’t think I’m that desperate to just date the guy I met two days ago only based on my Love At First Sight moment. I’m not sure that’s the ending for rejecting your five years long boyfriend for the guy you just met two days ago.

I told you I’m not good at this.

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