Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love at Thanksgiving Parade

Me and my host mother and host sister watched another Hallmark Christmas movie, called Love at Thanksgiving Parade. I'll make it quick.

Basically, it's about this super cute lady named Emily, a vintage fashion lover who works for the city, currently working for the Thanksgiving parade in Illinois, Chicago. When I said cute, I mean it. She's the typical passionate woman who's into moral values, about how important the parade to kids, as she was so enthusiastic about it when she was little. She's very smiley, charming, a loving woman. I'd like having her as the heroine in ANY kind if movies. Haha. One thing very quirky about her is that she likes wearing vintage clothes. Sad reason, though. Her mother died when Emily was a baby, her father--a cop--was so in much grief that he gave away all of Emily mother's clothes to Goodwill. The reason why Emily was wearing a lot of vintage clothes is in hope to someday find her mother's clothes.

Then, there's this guy named Henry, a nice, lonely, strict, rich guy who's devoted to do the right job description--in this case, saving money for the government. He's pretty much strict and workaholic. He stayed in fancy penthouse, had his own pillow case, brought a chess match to play by himself. Yes, pretty lonesome guy. One thing nobody knows about him--although he's trying to say things about it--that he's an orphan.

Emily--with her passionate love for the parade and her marine biologist boyfriend--and Henry have to work together as the government asked Henry to cut the spending of the parade. Emily was afraid that Henry's going to demolish the parade. Emily's boss told her to show the town to Henry.

Bla Bla Bla.

Problems started to rise. Emily's boyfriend is not proposing her, yet he asked her to join his cruise for the wonderful journey of marine science. She used to have troubles with Henry because of her prejudice toward what he might do to the parade. Emily just wanted to start a family, yet her boyfriend discarded what she wanted when they've been dating for five years!

Henry, he also has trouble--having trouble in believing in true love. He tends to end up a relationship after fifth date, because he's not ready for the marriage, and the girls started to want marriage.

Well, you know what happened. Yes, Henry proposed Emily.

The story is pretty typical, but it's cute and funny in lots of ways.

Like, how Emily always smiles and looks cheery,

How Henry was looking at Emily in grocery store when she was in deep confusion about buying ice cream or not and the cat food, after she had a debate with Henry over being alone is identical to buying cat can food and ice cream.

How Henry followed Emily's suggestion to try eating chocolate with peanut butter for Movie night.

How Emily was imagining the proposal

How Henry encouraged Emily to buy ice cream by buying ice cream ahead of her.

The cuteness, silliness of a relationship.

Anyway, it was cute enough. Pretty laughable.

Should go watch it!

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