Monday, November 12, 2012

007: Skyfall

007: Skyfall

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For anybody’s who’s wondering,
I’ve watched Skyfall.

Yes, that James Bond movie.
Where? In IMAX.

On Veteran’s Day.

Just kidding.

Anyway, some stuff I’d like to share about this newest Double Oh Seven movie (which basically my first I-watched-it-till-the-end Bond movies)

Today was a pretty day, so me, Aizada, and my host mum decided to visit her daughter in Wake Forest. We’re planning on watching Skyfall in IMAX at Raleigh,

I heard that the movie was pretty long, near three hours. Yeah!

Then we went to the seats, got some nice seats inside, settling down.

The beginning of the movie was started with some motorcycle-car crazy driving and some shooting that makes me feel like watching another Bourne Legacy movie.
I gotta tell you, watching people driving crazily—both car and motorcycle—is tiring. My eyes, my mind, I’m tired of following the shaky camera. Period.

I think the chase lasted for ten good minutes, and then they moved scene to the top of the train, and suddenly BAM!, James Bond was accidentally shot by his partner. And he fell to the river, got flush away by the stream. And suddenly there’s the theme song and some credit clips (the ones that show names of people involved, but not the slide-from-bottom-going-up-credit-that-is-so-plain)

And I was like…
Yes. The movie only told us about how James Bond finally died, in fifteen minutes, I guess.

NAH, just kidding.
After those opening, they started to show the movie again.

I won’t spill the beans out, but here’s something you might want to know:

1. IMAX is so awesome.
You should try watching some great wonderful movies in IMAX. The ones that need total seriousness, like Bond.

2. James Bond is not bad
I always thought that James Bond movie is basically an espionage movie with girl sidekick as the decoration or as some light stuff to make the movie attracts not only people who like to watch spies, but also couple who like to watch the intimate scenes. Even though they still have some, but I’d say I love the espionage part of it. Might started to watch the previous one. I hate to say that it looks as if James Bond is such a player and all girls like him. Even though he's great.

3. The storyline is interesting
In my most humble opinion, for any of you who likes watching espionage movie just like me, guessing a storyline for such kind of movie sometimes as easy as seeing your watch. But then, while watching 007, I thought I found it pretty interesting since there are some part of movies but not the first fifteen minutes one that indicates the end of the story—based on regular hypothesis—but suddenly it jumped out to the next scene, continuing it. Better yet, it doesn’t stop and said, "To Be Continued…". The whole story kind of giving you from the beginning till the end—which I like the best.

4. Skyfall is a good theme song
I just like listening to it.

In the end of the movie, it said that it’s been 50 years of James Bond, and
After such complicated and I-thought-it’s-finally-the-end ending…

Better go watch it now!

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