Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

I can't believe it's finished!

No, no, I am not a big fan of Twilight Saga, sorry to say. I used to like the Twilight one, but when it started to develop into New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn... I just think it's too much. I am not a very romantic person, thus being in love with someone as bad as Bella to Edward, I just don't understand the logic.

My host sister... She loves it. So much. I tell you, so much.
The very last installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2, was released on November 16th. My hypothesis was that since the saga is so famous, the cinema might be full for the first two weeks.

Yesterday, after going to the gym, we decided to watch the Breaking Dawn on its first show on Saturday (which it shows around ten times a day. TEN!). Yes, we were still sweating and it's a bit chilly.

The guy who sells the ticket suggested that the first show might be less crowded. Well, even though it seems very much crowded, but I guess he's right. I mean, I got some really nice seats!

Some movie previews, THEN!

I finally watched the very last installment of Twilight Saga. My host sister couldn't stop smiling and clapping out of happiness... Y'know...

OKAY, for anyone who doesn't want to see some spoiler about what's going on inside the movie, stop reading this now.

Here's some points that popped in my mind while I'm watching the last Twilight Saga movie...

1.The opening graphic was sort of like free falling.
You see, in the beginning, the showed all of those people's names that are involved in the movie, with a black and red background, like all pictures of red and ice frosts. It gives you the creep, but suddenly, when they first showed Bella and Edward... The awe-ness of Bella turning into a vampire was not as great as I think it will be. They're just hugging each other, showing the awesome-ness of a new born... It doesn't leave a very great impressions to me. Just... Okay.

2. Reenesme!
I totally have trouble with the little half human half vampire baby, Reneesme. I know she was so perfect and beautiful from the book. And guess what I got from the beginning of the movie until the middle: a graphic computer-made looking baby! It's not their fault, it's just me. It bothers me so much seeing a baby that looks not real, her face is just too symmetrical, and you can see some not real spots from her face! And it bothers me. So much. I keep saying, "Aaah the face is so not real!", although in the middle of the movie, they finally changed the computer-made face into the real Mackenzie Foy.

3. Bella seems... Different.
Okay, still remember Bella from the beginning? She was described as a very complicated, deep thoughts person who seems like struggling with her own inner thoughts and doubts. Everybody seems to protect her frail being, but sometimes I see the sparks of power. AND SUDDENLY in this movie-despite she's finally becoming a vampire--she's becoming so temperamental, a bit hey-I'm-awesome attitude, and still a bit sentimental. I don't know why, but her personality changes kind of bothering me. I like how she always has her own deep thoughts problem, the complicated personality, and suddenly here she is, being so... Demanding. Probably that is her vampire personality, I just thought it will be more fun if she still has those deep thoughts personality.

4. The War Part
Do you know the kind of movie that has no martial sides at al, yet they're pushing any action scene to the movie so that it kind of having everything? Yep, I felt that way with this movie as well. Either it's me who forgot the plot or the producer just wanted to have the action side as well, I don't recall Alice imagining a war--which made a full fifteen minutes of war horror between the Volturi and the Covens. What I remember is that they had a very kind of negotiation, nearly started the war--with a bit of fist fight--but then Nahuel, the guy who's also half vampire and half human, appeared.
BUT, in this very movie, Alice was imagining the war horror that might happened if Aro--Volturi leader--started the war. Carlisle would be dead, Edward would be mad, war would happen, Jasper died--being ripped off, Benjamin knocked the land, made lots of casualties, both in the Volturi or the Covens. And in the end... Aro died in the hands of Bella of Edward. Pretty intense action scenes, all about ripping heads and choking others. Everybody in the theater was like, "KYA! No way! How come...? GYA!" Like a horror movie. And I keep telling my host mum that it was so not real because there's no part in the book that they started the war. Now you get what I'm trying to say, huh? Yes, it feels like they made the action scene just to appeal the audiences for the action part. Well, it felt like a pushed scene rather than natural to me.

5. Not mainstream
You know how the movie revolves around the main couple--Edward and Bella? Well, sometimes it also revolves around Jake and Reneesme, but still, they're the main story, right? One problem that I always have while having any movies or books is that I like the supporting couple. In this movie, the character Garrett was introduced, along with Kate, the electricity lady. It's sad how I actually pay attention to their development on being a couple rather than Edward-Bella development. Like when my host mum asked, I said, "Oh I love the Garrett-Kate couple so much! Garrett was so handsome, and the chemistry is there!" Y'know... Kind of being hipster. That's one of my problem while watching a movie. Getting distracted from the main thing. But it's good, right? I have the ability to find other unnoticed parts that some people don't see.

Well, basically, that's all. I had quite a great day.
Still can't believe the Twilight Saga is over.

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